-Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy

Is your baby in pain and displaying the following symptoms: Reflux, colic, vomiting, eczema or constipation? I offer immediate help, advice and solutions to parents with a baby in pain.

I assist with the diagnosis, management and treatment of infants and children with cow’s ilk protein allergy. All done immediately online. I even email your GP a prescription for the appropriate solution and treatment if necessary. Why wait to solve baby pain?

-Diabetes In Pregnancy Made Easy

Have you been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes? Are you unsure of what you should and should not eat to manage your blood sugars and maintain a healthy pregnancy?

I have worked with 1000’s of women like you and I know the worries you may have. You worry about the health of your baby, you are constantly hungry, you are afraid to eat and you may feel worried about developing type 2 diabetes after your baby is born. I offer specialised help and support to manage your diabetes in pregnancy. Allow me to empower you to make your pregnancy joyful, worry free andĀ  let me show you how you can eat the foods you want without experiencing a high blood sugar.I have more than 7 years of experience in diabetes. Type 1, Type 2 and Diabetes in Pregnancy.

-The Mindful Body & Nutrition Makeover




-Genetic Testing

Our understanding of the human genome is constantly evolving and although 99.9% is the same for everyone, the 0.1%, which is unique to each individual, determines the differences in our response to environment and lifestyle.

With the specific knowledge of your unique gene variations you can understand how you respond to foods, exercise and environmental exposure. Genetic testing is an invaluable tool to create tailored nutritional plans, exercise and lifestyle strategies to promote your optimal health and to prevent the development of imbalances.

I offer different types of genetic testing focusing in the different areas of your health, which you might want to improve. Contact me for more information on this incredible service.


I offer a rang of other services too like weaning, home blended diets for infants and children fed via gastrostomy, fussy easters, coeliac disease and many many more.