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Nishti's Choice

Holistic Health Care for Children and Parents

Hi, I'm Nishti Welcome

Advanced dietitian and mindfulness teacher for children and parents - here to empower parents to change the way they feed their children’s physical and mental well-being.


Advanced training and study in Nutrition, Dietetics and Paediatrics


More than 15 years of experience working in Children and Adult Health and Nutrition


Ready to provide support to Children and Parents struggling with health-related issues


Nishti’s Choice clinic is an online clinic with virtual consultations and daily communications via WhatsApp

Registered Dietitian

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

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Mindfulness, mindful eating and meditation for people struggling with eating disorders and to alleviate stress and general anxiety

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What Clients Say

"What sets Nishti apart is her 2-weeks package approach. Nishti follows you closely day to day so that plans can be adapted depending on baby's reaction. This is by far the best approach and is testament to her commitment and passion in her discipline.."
Monica Tanantino
"Unlike other nutrition experts I approached, Nishti was even more excited and enthusiastic to take on our case once she learned of our situation. She has proven to be the correct choice and we can not recommend her highly enough."
Harris Makhdumi
"Nishti is calm, warm and compassionate, with an infectious energy that makes her amazing at what she does. I have learnt so much with her, not just about nutrition and diet etc. but about myself. I couldn’t imagine going through this journey with anybody else."
Lau Jxoxo