Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This outlines the framework for our services at Nishti’s Choice. Your dietitian will go through it with you in the first session of your work together.

You will discuss and agree what support you want from your dietitian in your first session and review the progress and focus of your work together as you go along. 

Payments can be made by bank transfer, a credit card or debit card. You shall be invoiced for payment before the consultation, and this should be paid to confirm the appointment.

You are required to pay for sessions, which are missed or cancelled, with less than 48 hours’ notice. It is important that you attend sessions regularly. However, if you do need to cancel an appointment, please let your dietitian or our admin team know with at least 48 hours’ notice. You can do this by emailing info@nishtischoice.com

It is confidential that you are a client of Nishti’s Choice, as well as what you discuss in your sessions. There are, however, some limits and exceptions to confidentiality. 

If your dietitian has serious concerns about your safety or the safety of another person normal confidentiality may be lifted. You will be asked to provide your GP’s contact details, as someone they may contact. Your dietitian keeps a record of your name, contact details and dates and times of appointments on a password-protected database. Your dietitian is required to keep brief notes about the focus of your work. These are kept securely and are password protected. Any reports produced by your dietitian to evaluate the service contain anonymised data and will not contain any identifying information. 



Problems & Complaints

If you are having a problem with your dietitian, or the service, which you have not been able to resolve with your dietitian, you may raise it with the admin team who will support you in finding a resolution.

Working With Multiple Dietitians at Nishti’s Choice

Your dietitian may suggest you see other members of Nishti’s Choice team to support your goals. Information about your symptoms and condition will be discussed between team members in a secure area so that we can provide you with a co-ordinated treatment plan. Your dietitian will ask for your informed consent to share information with the team and ask if there is anything that you want to remain confidential. Your dietician will help you assimilate any information gathered from other members of the team. 

As a client using this service, you agree to the following: 

  • Clients will, where reasonable, keep appointments and pay fees in a timely fashion. 
  • Clients may be required to provide previous medical history, complete questionnaires/food diaries etc. as part of the service to aid treatment. These must be complied with and completed truthfully as they form a necessary part of the treatment. 
  • Clients are expected to engage in treatment and answer questions honestly and to the best of their ability/knowledge. 

As a client of Nishti’s Choice, you can expect from the Dietitian: 

  • Professional service, Dietitian is a protected title and registered health profession governed by the Health & Care Professions Council. Professional body membership with the British Dietetic Association also provides professional indemnity insurance. 
  • All records are kept strictly confidential.
  • All records/ notes containing personal information will be stored in line with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. 
  • Continuing professional development, keeping professional knowledge & skills relevant and up to date as per HCPC regulations. 

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Nishti’s Choice therefore disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by any visitor to our site, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents. Specialist advice must be obtained before taking or refraining to take action on the basis of any content on this site.