A selection of the many reviews and testimonials for Nishti's Choice

Monica Tanantino

We were referred to Nishti by our consultant, Dr. Costa, as our baby suffers from persistent eczema. We worked with Nishti for two consecutive weeks, with daily Whatsapp interactions and three Zoom consultations. We are extremely happy with how Nishti has helped us and followed us closely - she has given us the knowledge and tools to be able to test for baby's allergies, and use the allergen ladders appropriately. We now feel that we have a plan in place for our baby, and we feel our baby has had the best possible care in terms of diagnosing her allergies and improving her diet while minimising her discomfort. What sets Nishti apart is her 2-weeks package approach. Nishti follows you closely day to day so that plans can be adapted depending on baby's reaction. This is by far the best approach and is testament to her commitment and passion in her discipline. We wholeheartedly recommend Nishti to any parent who is suspecting an allergy in their baby - it is definitely worth investing in working with her!

Harris Makhdumi

We have been getting advice from Nishti for over 3 years now. From the very 1st phone call I could sense her enthusiasm for what she does. We have a more complicated problem than usual in having an autistic teenage son with huge weight problems who can not sometimes understand the need to control weight himself. However unlike other nutrition experts I approached, Nishti was even more excited and enthusiastic to take on our case once she learned of our situation. She has proven to be the correct choice and we can not recommend her highly enough. She is always ready and on hand with advice and nothing seems to much for her. She has got to know my son, through calls and video calls, and you can see she tries to put herself in my son’s position and constantly thinking what is best for him, both from a nutrition perspective and a good mental well-being point of view.

Lau Jxoxo

I worked with Nishti for about 4 months and I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough. From the moment I first met her, she made me feel so comfortable and at ease, but most importantly, she gave me hope at a time when I didn’t have much at all. She never judged me and she never doubted me, and somehow did all of this whilst saving me from my biggest enemy at the time: myself. Nishti is calm, warm and compassionate, with an infectious energy that makes her amazing at what she does. I have learnt so much with her, not just about nutrition and diet etc. but about myself. I couldn’t imagine going through this journey with anybody else and I will be forever grateful<3 I encourage anybody considering it to please, please reach out if you can. She truly went above and beyond for me, and my life is now a little brighter from the light Nishti left in it 🙂

Guy Marks

Our daughter was really struggling and had been showing symptoms of a dairy allergy, but we were not really managing to progress a resolution through our GP. We were referred to Nishti by Dr Costa (our paediatric consultant who works closely with Nishti) and WOW…what a difference a couple of weeks can make. We have spent 2/3 weeks in constant contact, via Zoom and WhatsApp, with exchanges of daily meal photographs, new recipe ideas whilst obtaining a wealth of nutritional education, all in an informal approach which has slotted perfectly into family life….. we are both now missing our daily conversations!! Nishti is extremely passionate about her work and went above and beyond to give us all the tools, advice and information we needed to get our little girl happy and healthy again. We would highly recommend Nishti!

Sophia Dowd

When I contacted Nishti regarding my 10 year old daugtet who didn't like to eat because of trauma. Nishti ensures she understands the child and their ways. She provided useful advice on healthy eating concept. All this has helped my daugter lot and we have seen her improvement and she started to have a postive relationship with food. I have working with camhs mental health for 3 year and seen no improvement. Nishti was able to get my daugter eating under 3 week, improve my and my daugter relationships. Thank you so much Nishti for all.

Kirstie Rice

As a vegan I wanted to work with a professional who understands and supports a vegan diet and Nishti was the perfect choice. Nishti was so easy to talk to, she put me at ease straight away - I felt as though I was talking to a good friend. She helped me identify missing elements in my diet and guided me towards addressing my IBS. Her holistic approach to health was inspiring and she helped me to work on all aspects of my lifestyle to improve my overall health.

Wendy Matthews

Nishti supported my child after he was diagnosed with a life changing medical condition, this began some years ago and I have to say Nishti is still there for both my son and myself today. I contacted her recently and she provided me with valuable advice. We would both highly recommend Nishti, she is an expert in her field, is professional, empathetic and has a great sense of humour, which at times really helps.

Camilla Cookson

Nishti went above and beyond with her time and commitment to helping us. She sought advice from other professionals as needed and guided me with regular zoom, WhatsApp and photo exchanges. She is clearly very passionate about what she does and this really comes through in her work. I would highly recommend her.