Gratitude – The Underused Channel To Wellness

From a Buddhist perspective, eating is more than just taking in nourishment. It is an interaction with the entire phenomenal universe. It is a gift given to us through the work of all beings. It’s a way to not just be thankful to the food itself but for ALL that contributed to it. Sun, water, soil, people.
Can you imagine how you will feel (or start to feel) when you start emitting all this love and gratitude into the foods you eat?

Living With The Seasons

Join me for 21 day of meditation with Deepak Chopra this Spring.
Qi is the life force that flows through all things. Everything in the universe derives from qi. When qi flows properly, all things are in harmony and function correctly; when qi is blocked, problems arise.
According to Chinese medicine, the Liver and Gallbladder correspond to the Spring season.
The liver being the center for detoxification is encouraging us to release, to find lightness in our life and balance to our Qi.

All on a Mind-Body-Spirit Level.