TJ’s Battle with Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy Diagnosis

Since TJ was 4 weeks old he has battled every night without fail with what we were told was ‘colic’ & reflux.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding didn’t work out for us so we moved onto formulas.

He has been on 6 different formulas since and none of them have agreed with him.

Watching your baby in agony, inconsolable night after night and not being able to help was heart-breaking but it sent me on a mission to solve the problem.

Even after being told 100 times there wasn’t one having made many trips back and forth to the doctors, being made to feel silly and at times like crazy neurotic first time parents!


? Cauliflower & Broccoli Sausage Rolls ?

Sausage rolls are extremely popular as a party food (and everyday snack + addition to lunch) for both children and adults. Here in the UK they are generally made with puff pastry and back home in Denmark, they are made with ordinary white flour. I love both versions. However, I wouldn’t say they are particularly healthy.

I have therefore created a healthier version which still taste awesome despite being really realllyyyy healthy


If You Don’t Sleep, You Won’t Fly

Most people I speak with feel low in mood, need too snooze for at least 30 min before they get up and need stimulants such as coffee before they are ready to start their day.

These factors suggests that something in your lifestyle isn’t in order.

There are 6 pillars or lifestyle practices we must ‘do’ in order to live a life full of vitality and wellness (according to ancient philosophy. One of these pillars is sleep. I therefore intent to tell you why sleep is important and what I do to ensure I get enough sleep.

I this blog post I will give you 3 top reasons to why you must ensure you get more sleep, starting from tonight!


Postnatal Depression & Poor Nutrition

Postnatal depression (PDN) affects more than 1 in every 10 woman and can be an extremely difficult time for both mother, baby and the wider family involved.

Many possible causes for PND have been suggested and there is no single reason to why this happens as it could be down to multiple factors, including a nutritional imbalance which I shall explain more about in this blog.


Reading Food Labels for the Milk-Allergic Infant 

I can appreciate that the interpretation of food labels can be a chore but let’s look at it with positive eyes. At least the food industry is now legally entitled to state which allergens are present in foods. These are usually highlighted in bold. Milk is in virtually all cheeses, butters, creams and yogurts. For the Milk-Allergic Infant ( better known as cow’s milk protein allergy in the medical world)


Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy – Feeding Tips for the Formula Fed Infant 

Hypoallergenic formulas are used in the management of infants and children with cow’s milk protein allergy and are therefore used for medical purposes only.

These formulas have been produced in such a way that they do not contain cow’s milk. Nutritionally they are formulated to meet an infant’s requirements for satisfactory growth and development and because they are free from cow’s milk, they assist to treat symptoms related to an allergy to cow’s milk and other allergies.


Feeding The Vegan Child

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat-eater, good nutrition is key to a healthy life.

But how about the child that’s fed a vegan or vegetarian diet? Is that considered an appropriate diet for children?

It surely is….

However, from experience, most of my vegan and vegetarian clients struggle with protein. They either don’t eat enough or they eat low quality protein. This applies to both adults and children.