Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

Here are 3 reasons to make the most of pumpkin season!

1 – It’s a seasonal veg (eating seasonally is great for the environment).
2 – It’s high in fibre which helps to keep us fuller for longer.
3 – It’s a good source of antioxidants.

Here is a fantastic pumpkin recipe for the pumpkin (and pasta) lovers out there.
This recipe is dairy-free and contains no gluten.

Healthy Almond Flour Cake

I don’t ever calorie count but I am well aware of my daily intake of carbohydrates because a high carb diet causes immediate weight gain around my abdomen. My experience of working with children with diabetes (type 1 and 2) and with women with diabetes in pregnancy, has taught me so much about diet and why calorie counting is pointless and misleading. It also helped me create the 1-2-3 Healthy Eating Approach which I use as a healthy eating tool with children and parents, regardless of whether they have diabetes or not.

Gratitude – The Underused Channel To Wellness

From a Buddhist perspective, eating is more than just taking in nourishment. It is an interaction with the entire phenomenal universe. It is a gift given to us through the work of all beings. It’s a way to not just be thankful to the food itself but for ALL that contributed to it. Sun, water, soil, people.
Can you imagine how you will feel (or start to feel) when you start emitting all this love and gratitude into the foods you eat?