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Nishti’s Choice is a provider of Holistic Health Care to both Children and Parents. 

We believe in tailored advice so expect us to uncover the root cause of your health concerns rather than just treating your symptoms. We use the expertise from a range of professionals within the team to tailor an individual plan that is right for you or your child. 


We aim to obtain as much information before the initial consultation as this will help us to establish whether we need to include other members of the team such as our medical doctor, clinical psychologist or mindfulness teacher. 

Before your initial consultation, we will ask you some brief questions on the telephone letting us know the key issues you would like us to address, as well as any tests you or your child may have had and relevant medical history. At your first appointment, we will ask you a range of questions related to your diet, medical history, and lifestyle. If you are a parent, we will carry out similar questions but in relation to your child.

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