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Meet Our Founder

Nishti is an award-winning dietitian registered in UK, Denmark and Faroe Islands.

In 2016 she founded Nishti’s Choice, an online nutrition consultancy clinic that covers a range of health-related conditions. As an evidence-based practitioner and mindfulness teacher, Nishti is committed to bringing a more patient-centred and compassionate approach to health care with emphasis on the connection between the mind and the body. 

We've Got You Covered

Our clinic covers a wide aspect of nutrition and health problems for both children and parents. We see children who struggle with food allergies, picky eating, coeliac disease, diabetes, eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), fatty liver disease and so much more. 

The support we offer Parents include weight management, gut related issues, disordered eating such as binge eating and the dietary management of cancer.

We offer more services than listed here so please ensure you get in touch if you need any help. 

Meet The Team

Dr Costa is a Consultant Paediatrician and fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.He has over 16 years of experience in Paediatrics and over 12 years in Paediatric Allergy.He is the founder of Children’s Allergy clinics and co-founder of Allerpack, which provides insulated bags to carry allergy medication.

He runs clinics in Leamington Spa, Oxford and is due to open a new one in Wimbledon. Dr Costa is also part of the group that writes the national allergy guidelines.

Nishti is an international registered dietitian who has worked across both the NHS and the private sector since 2011.Her career started in the NHS where she worked with adults struggling with IBS, obesity and type 2 diabetes. She moved into paediatrics in 2013 and started out covering diabetes (type 1 and 2), the paediatric acute ward and paediatric clinics where she would see food allergy, preterm and tube fed babies. Nishti has a deep passion for paediatric food allergy, particular cow’s milk protein allergy. She has won awards for her work in paediatric food allergy and for her work in diabetes.Nishti is a consultant dietitian with Nuffield Hospitals and is currently also the Lead Dietitian for an inpatient paediatric mental health hospital covering eating disorders and a psychiatrist care unit.

Her multiple competencies attract a wide range of patients, both children and adults. 


Punita is a highly experienced and accomplished nutrition support specialist with a wealth of expertise in various clinical areas. Over the past 5 years, she has dedicated her focus to oncology, working at two prestigious cancer treatment centres. Her role involves providing crucial nutritional support to patients throughout their cancer journey, from pre-treatment to post-treatment stages.Her empathetic and composed nature allows her to establish meaningful connections with our clients, enabling her to develop personalised and tailored nutrition plans that meet their unique needs.

Raneesha is a Wellbeing Coach and Mindfulness Teacher. She is passionate about elevating suffering and living fully, a passion ignited from her personal journey. 

She is qualified in Body-Based (Somatic) therapeutic coaching which delves into the mind’s subconscious through the body. She is also qualified in Mindfulness, Neuropsychology, Body Healing, Behaviour Change, Mental Health and Trauma-Informed Care.


Spela is a Registered Associate Nutritionist accredited by the Association for Nutrition in the United Kingdom. Spela obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Westminster in 2019 and has been helping private clients improve their nutrition and develop healthy habits since then, including 150+ hours on the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme. Spela supports Nishti’s Choice with research, blog, social media content planning and newsletter writing.