Falafel Flatbreads

This recipe is rich in fiber, protein, calcium and it has a low glycemic index (helps to stabilise blood sugars and keeps us fuller for longer). It is such a healthy recipe as you can top it with extra goodness! Just like an open-style sandwich. It just can’t get better than that!

Lasagne with a Twist

For parents who’s kids are on the soya ladder: this recipe is considered ideal for step 4 of the soya ladder (well-cooked soy protein). Please refer to my comprehensive step by step guide to introducing soya at home on my Youtube channel.

Healthy Almond Flour Cake

Almond flour is carbohydrate free, high in healthy fats and protein and makes a perfect substitute for ordinary flour, particularly in cake making!

Spelt “Hygge” Buns

These buns are so perfect to make for your family on a Saturday or Sunday morning. You can even involve the kids if you like.

Nordic Food Trends To Live By (4 Top Tips)

The Nordic food movement has really taken off in the last decade. Not only have the Nordics long been associated with ideas of purity, nature and simplicity in areas such as design but also in their food. Emphasising seasonality and sustainability of ingredients, avoidance of food additives and minimisation of waste, it’s no surprise that people all over the world are joining the Nordic way of life.