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I am excited to share with you that I have successfully completed a certification in mindfulness and can now call myself a certified mindfulness teacher for both children and parents, approved by the British Psychological Society.

I have and will be sharing lots more on mindfulness for both children and parents because health is not just about nutrition. Health is first and foremost a strong and attention-focused mind. Today I want to share my thoughts on how we can Embody our Body from a mindfulness point of view.

Most of us are aware of our physical body and the various parts of it but mainly from a level of Thought. Thoughts derive from the thinking mind. Thoughts that have been passed down from the media, society, our upbringing, culture and so forth.

What our thoughts tell us about our body aren’t usually very positive. Our thoughts tell us that nothing is ever good enough, pretty enough, or strong enough. We worry, judge, and compare our bodies to people we know and don’t know, often it’s someone unknown on social media or on TV.

Unlike the mind, the heart is not bound by thoughts and judgments. 

The head’s main reference point is past experiences and future expectations, the heart has no reference point. The heart feels. I would therefore advise not to try and embody your body from a level of Thought or Mind should I say. Rather, to truly embody our body, we want to move away from the thinking mind and into the heart. The body scan meditation is a powerful mindfulness practice to reconnect our mind with our body and thereby help to ease all the negative chatter in the mind. 

To help you, please click on the video below. This is a 20-minute meditation that will help you to reconnect your mind with your body whilst developing a deep sense of gratitude for each part of your body. It will also leave you in a high vibrational state of Being (gratitude is a high vibrational frequency). 

This meditation is developed by Tony O’Shea-Poon (accredited mindfulness teacher and founder of Mindful Me in part inspired by the “Breathe smile” by Thich Nhat Hanh, world-renown Zen Master. I personally enjoy the Body Scan very much. I love to send love and give every part of my body the attention it deserves. 

I hope you enjoy this practice. 


Body Awareness & Gratitude I 20 minute guided meditation to help connect the mind with the body

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