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From a Buddhist perspective, eating is more than just taking in nourishment. It is an interaction with the entire phenomenal universe. It is a gift given to us through the work of all beings. It’s a way to not just be thankful to the food itself but for ALL that contributed to it. Sun, water, soil, people.

Can you imagine how you will feel (or start to feel) when you start emitting all this love and gratitude into the foods you eat?

You see, everything is energy. You, the chair you are sat on, the flower in your garden, the money you earn and spent, the people in your life and the food you eat.

You are a human being that’s come fourth into this dimension.

You came from the unlimited, abundant, self organised Universe.

You are the Universe.

Stay with me here, I know it’s deep….

The atoms that make up your body are constantly vibrating at a very fast rate or ‘frequency’. If you are in a positive state of mind you will be vibrating at a very high frequency and this it makes it very difficult for any negative energy to infiltrate you, but if you are unhappy or depressed and vibrating at a very low and slow frequency then you are open to all types of negative energy which will only serve to bring you even further down.

Based on this knowledge, what we are at our essence, is a vibrational being made up of pure energy.

Since the foods you eat are also made up of energy, isn’t it only natural to eat the best of the best foods?

Look at it like this, the relationship you have with food is like any other relationship you have in your life. Your partner, your sister or brother, your dog, your work colleague. Imagine if all these relationships were rushed, full of guilt and resentment, no love and only hatred? What kind of energy would they give back to you?

Showing gratitude to the foods we eat, taking time and acknowledge the foods we eat is a method to change the frequency or vibration of that food.

We show love, so the food will show us love back.

I want you to look at the energy relationship you have with food just like any other energy relationship in your life. We all know that relationships only get better if we give it love and attention and appreciation. This includes the relationship we have with ourselves.Everything starts with the relationship we have with ourselves. 

How can we expect foods to nourish us if we approach foods with guilt, shame, rush, hatred and shame because that’s how we feel on the inside? On the other hand, if we approach foods with love, non judgement and happiness then this energy will be mirrored back to us and we will feel so much better. 

The relationship struggle we have with food is a direct reflection of ourselves and our relationship with ourselves. Read more here.

Nishti x

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