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Did you know that the essential mineral ‘Zinc’ can reduce the length and symptoms of coughs and colds? Zinc is an essential micronutrient associated with over 300 biological functions, including building a healthy immune system.

Most children ????????? I see lack zinc in their diet. Here is a healthy snack rich in zinc, protein and healthy fats which I created for a client of mine. You only need 6 ingredients and it’s a no bake recipe.

Suitable for children and parents (and non parents ?).

It’s also dairy free ? ✖️ of course!

Warning ⚠️ contains nuts ⚠️

Immune Boosting Zinc Bars

I believe we must mimic nature as much as possible if we want to live a healthy and fruitful life. Winter is Yin season (watch my youtube video on ‘5 steps to more Yin’) and therefore nature is trying to tell us something…. Why not try and Be more and not Do all the time? Did you know that the foods which are high in zinc (beef, lentils, nuts, beans) are also considered Yin foods? Now that’s what I call a coincidence! Be more ‘Yin’ and eat a healthy diet rich in minerals such as Zinc this Winter.

Yin and Zinc - The 2 Ingredients For a Healthy Winter for You and Your Family

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