I’ve named these joyful for a reason. They are so delicious and will bring a smile to the face. A simple recipe using almond flour, omega 3 rich hemp seeds and dairy-free chocolate. Sometimes it’s ok to indulge.


Almond flour is my new favourite ingredient at the moment:

-It’s high in healthy fats

-It’s fibre rich

-It can be eaten raw or cooked

-It’s low carb

Hemp seeds are a good source of omega 3 fats and are also considered a good quality protein.


When introducing solid foods to your baby, include common allergy-causing foods by 12 months in an age-appropriate form, such almond flour in baby cereal/purees or in yogurts or desserts or almond butter on toast. Studies show that early introduction of high allergen foods may reduce the chance of developing food allergy in babies.


You Need:

120g almond flour

25g sugar

150g original moo free dairy free chocolate

2 tbsp hemp seeds

For the ganache you need:

100g original moo free dairy free chocolate

4 tbsp dairy free milk



Whisk the almond flour, sugar, finely chopped chocolate and milk together. Form balls and place them on some baking paper. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Make the ganache by warming the chocolate and dairy free milk. Roll the balls in the ganache. Sprinkle with hemp seeds and refrigerate again for 30 minutes.

These vegan joyful truffles are irresistible. I have to share mine out otherwise I would eat them all:-)

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