“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” Nietzsche

You may think it would look silly to talk to your pregnancy belly but scientist all agree that babies recognize songs and sounds after birth.


The child’s senses are gradually developed, and the input the child has during pregnancy, stores it as tacit knowledge in it’s brain system. If the child regularly hear the same sound-pattern during pregnancy, it will be able to recognise them after birth, and it will have a calming effect. You can simply measure the baby’s heart rate and blood pressure drops, if the parents are singing the same lullaby after birth, as they did during the pregnancy.


Your child will enjoy hearing your voice, no matter what you say. But it has most easily by recognising songs, rhymes and rhymes. A foetus and a new born baby perceive songs, rhymes and rhymes much clearer and earlier than they perceive specific words and commonly spoken language. This is because it is easier for the child to recognise something that, in one way or another, is bound together by a melody.


You baby is able to hear from week 15 gestation and by week 19 it’s hearing ability is almost fully developed. It hears your heart beat and it hears you laugh, cough and talk.


It’s good to focus some of your every day towards your pregnancy belly, sing for the baby or talk to it.

When mom feels and expresses love for her unborn child, oxytocin is released (also known as the love hormone). The hormone goes through the umbilical cord to the placenta and affect the baby. So if you feel amazing and happy, so will baby. So include your baby in your conversations with friends, family, extended family and friends. Let it be natural to you. Even if the child does not understand the content of what you say, it will feel good that it is ‘seen’ and as a consequence, it will feel the love.

Mozart Baby

There is no reason to listen to Mozart during pregnancy, unless one is already crazy about that kind of music. Why do I say this? Because following an American study from 1993, which showed that students are better at problem solvers and more intelligent when they listened to Mozart, people subsequently started to associate Mozart’s music with as a method to boost babies ‘ intelligence! However, there is no science to prove that listening to a symphony over Beyoncé is any better!

In fact, just play your favourite music since it’s all about mother’s well-being and her mood. So basically, it is the feelings you feel as a mother (and father) than will affect the baby either negatively or positively. Make them positive, listen to your favourite track!

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