Conscious Parenting

The holiday season are intended for us to come together and celebrate. However, commercialism of the holiday season has filtered in, causing us much more stress than pleasure. The diary of events and parties have us rushing about like headless chickens. 

Our healthy diets are tossed aside and our sleep patterns are often overlooked.  It is a recipe for burn-out for many of us and our children may suffer as a consequence of all this stress.

The good news is that we can change the way we approach the celebrations and make sure that we are taking care of our needs during this hectic time and that’s through self-awareness and mindfulness. Or in other words; becoming conscious of what we aren’t necessary conscious of….yet. Here are my top tips for a more conscious Christmas. 

Nuture Yourself

“Self-love is 80 percent of the solution” Anne Lamott.

When you give to yourself first you will be emotionally and physically satisfied and therefore you will give to others authentically. Therefore you will not ‘give’ out of a need or lack because you haven’t filled your own cup. So I encourage you to make a list of ways to nurture yourself even while you’re with your family this Christmas. Have a cup of tea. Put on music and dance with your kids. Look out the window and really see the tree or the sky. While you’re cooking or washing dishes or changing a dirty nappy, take a deep breath and bring yourself fully into the present moment.

Learn To Say No

There is nothing more selfish than the inability to say no. Why? Because if you think about it; the reason why you don’t want to say no is because of YOU. Not the other person. You want to maintain a certain image and don’t want to look like the ‘bad’ guy. You want to look like the ‘good’ guy. The least selfish thing you can therefore do it to say No and say Yes to what feels right to you. During the holiday season we say yes to so many things and so many people and this may lead to stress and anxiety. Have you ever asked yourself whether your No or Yes is authentic to you? So I encourage to ask yourself, what feels right to me? Then act accordingly. Be true to yourself, your family and friends.

Be Present

When you are present there is a certain stillness inside. You calm down and you become aware of how you feel on the inside and you become more aware of the circumstances outside of you. You basically become aware of the self; and nothing is more powerful than self-awareness.

So throughout the busy holiday season make sure you take a few breaks, turn to your breath and just observe it. You could even observe a tree or watch the birds fly high in the sky. Anything that brings you stillness will help you towards becoming present which is a simple yet overlooked way to find clarity of mind.

As a reminder for those with children: To your child, there’s no better gift than spending quality time with you. Therefore, just sit and observe them, listen to them, be present with them.

Have A Wonderful Conscious Christmas. 


Nishti X

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