First, let me start by saying the word “superfood” is dumb.


It implies that one single food is the miracle cure for whatever condition you may have.

There’s simply no single food that’s King or Queen. However, in pregnancy, there are certain foods that would be great to include on a regular basis as your requirements for these nutrients are on a high.


There is so much focus on what to avoid and the danger if you don’t avoid it. Pregnant women are already on a high emotional rollercoaster so I do not intent to scare you, I want to empower you so here we are; The 5 foods that would do YOU and BABY a world of good…

1 Kale: No prenatal diet is adequate without leafy greens. They are some of the richest dietary sources of folate (The real stuff, not the synthetic folic acid you see in supplements!). Kale is also packed with minerals, including magnesium and potassium, fiber, vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants).

Add sauteed kale to your morning omelette, toss some into a wholesome salad, throw a handful in a comforting bone broth.

2 Wild Salmon: Omega-3 fats have gotten more attention in recent years for their important role in brain and vision development. The specific type that offers these benefits is called “DHA” and the number one source is fish that live in cold water, like wild salmon. It’s also naturally low in mercury, so you can safely consume it during pregnancy. You can use salmon is so many ways; Home made salmon and lemongrass fish cakes or how about salmon lasagne? I’m getting hungry just by typing this…

3 Haddock is one of the best sources of iodine in the diet, a mineral that many of us lack, pregnant or not! In fact, the World Health Organisation states that  Iodine deficiency is the world’s most prevalent, yet easily preventable, cause of brain damage. Making sure you consume enough of this mineral should not be taking lightly since your baby’s brain development relies on it. The food sources are limited so include a supplement as well as plenty of food sources rich in iodine. I suggest you read this blog if you want to know more. Click here


4 Sauerkraut : The term probiotic has become a buss word recently and it has very good reasons too. The health of your gut is after all what sets the tone for your overall health. In pregnancy, optimal gut health is vital because as a mom, you pass on your bacteria ( your microbiome) to your baby.  Having a healthy balance of bacteria in your body sets the stage for good digestion and a healthy immune system for your baby too. So are you thinking about taking a probiotic supplement? You might want to consider eating more fermented foods instead (or do both?). Traditional sauerkraut – the kind that’s made by fermenting salted cabbage is rich in probiotic bacteria. Just a tablespoon of sauerkraut can deliver trillions of these “good bacteria.” So why not add some to your salad next time..


5 Eggs (with the yolks!): Tasty, easy-to-prepare, in-expensive and packed with nutrition. Eggs are a great source of protein, B-vitamins, choline, minerals, vitamins A, D, E, and K. Choline is a relative to the B-vitamins that’s absolutely crucial to brain development and the prevention of neural tube defects. Sadly most pregnant women don’t consume enough of it.  You only find choline in the yolk though.

The last point I want to mention is your emotional health. I am an advocate for mindfulness as a way of life as I believe that you can eat the healthiest foods in the world, but if your mind is packed with negative thoughts, fears and worries then that’s the first ‘stressor’ to manage.  Your baby not only eats the food you eat but it also feels your feelings.

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Please note that this information neither is medical advice, nor is it meant to replace the advice of your doctor or dietitian and I assume no liability for the use or misuse of this information.

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