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Top 10 Calcium Foods Revealed 

Calcium plays an important role in your child’s bone development and is obtained from food and drinks. However, how about those who can’t tolerate dairy very well? What is the solution for them? Every day I see infants, children, and adults who struggle with dairy so therefore I have created a list of calcium foods for both those who tolerate dairy and for those who don’t.

1 Include dairy or dairy substitutes in your diet every day. Did you know that the content of calcium is similar for cow’s milk and for dairy milk substitutes? Choose from milk (cow, soya, oat, almond (unsweetened) or coconut), yoghurt (cow, soya unsweetened), cheese or vegan cheese, milk/milk free-based custard.

2 Serve more fish. Fresh or tinned fish will do such as sardines or pilchards. Yummy, sardines on toast anyone? I would opt for sustainable caught fish. Let’s love and appreciate Mother Nature. 

3 Sprinkle sesame seeds over vegetables or salads. Sesame seeds are easy to include in all meals and are high in calcium. I love sesame seeds on top of a jacket potato! 

4 Love green leafy vegetables. Include more broccoli, cabbage, spring greens or spinach with their meals.

5 Try calcium-fortified foods for breakfast. Most cereals, fruit juices and breads are fortified with calcium.

6 Try Quinoa. This is a great substitute for rice, potatoes or pasta. Quinoa is a seed and it therefore rich in calcium and protein.

7 Add extra goodness to your homemade loaf with mixed seeds, including sesame seeds.

8 Add beans to meals. This will provide your child not only with calcium but also fibre to help keep a healthy gut.

9 Snack on calcium-rich nuts like brazil nuts or almonds. Keep a container of nuts and seeds with you and have a small handful as a daily snack but DO NOT SERVE WHOLE NUTS TO CHILDREN BELOW THE AGE OF 2 YEARS OR IF THEY HAVE A NUT ALLERGY.

10 Replace meat with tofu or tempeh. This is a great way to teach your children about new foods and safe a few animals too.

So as you may have figured already; Calcium is present in so many foods! So please do not worry about this single nutrient. What I would suggest is looking at the diet overall. Are you and your child meeting your daily requirements for nutrients such as Vitamin D? You can’t absorb calcium without Vitamin D as they are best pals in the body. Or how about the trace minerals Iodine and Selenium? It’s time to look at some of the other vitamins and minerals which exist as it’s not just calcium! (Calcium appears to be a main worry for most of my clients and it’s the main focus in the media too).

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Please note that this information neither is medical advice, nor is it meant to replace the advice of your doctor or dietitian and I assume no liability for the use or misuse of this information.

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