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Let’s Go Back To Nature

Food behaviour in young children can be a challenge to many families, in particular to those who experience food rejection behaviours such as fussy eating. This feeding difficulty is also known as picky or faddy eating and is prevalent in preschool children ( and even older children) worldwide.

At least 25% of my clients are families with children who are fussy eaters so I am always challenged to think in creative ways to help them overcome this stressful behaviour.

In this blog post I’m going to explain to you how I educate my clients about the natural rhythm of the seasons to overcome fussy eating in children.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this!


Let’s start with Springtime, since this is the time when Earth wakes up from her dream and everything bursts forth to grow. What a great time for fussy eaters to explore and be interested in food! Because for many fussy eaters, veggies and fruit are less scary when you’ve chosen them, grown them and picked them.

Therefore, celebrate the beauty of plants, seeds and butterflies in a garden centre.

Let your child pick their own plant and/or seeds and together plant them in the garden or in patio or window pots. Imagine the excitement your child will feel!

Planting Seeds


Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry picking is an essential summer pastime, especially for families. Use these berries to make your own jam or desserts. Who knows, you may even have some left to make cocktails long after the kids have fallen asleep.


My favourites season of them all. The colours are oh so beautiful and not to mention, the feeling and taste of biting into a crisp apple. In the UK, the British apple is often celebrated up and down the country with a number of apple festivals. These festival often include activities such as gardening, cooking, making drinks and playing apple games. Who knows, your child may just start to love apples?

Autumn isn’t complete without carving pumpkins. This is a great project that involves different steps but most importantly (dietetically speaking) the foods you are able to make with the pumpkin meat –  creamy pumpkin soup, a heart pumpkin risotto or how about sweet pumpkin treats.


Though the weather outside can be frightful, winter is an ideal time to ‘hygge’ at home. This lovely Danish word means ‘enjoying life’s simple pleasures’. Families who practice hygge find contentment and cosiness in the small joys of everyday activities. Growing up in Denmark, I remember Winter as a favourite time to practice hygge, especially in the kitchen. Spending time in the kitchen gives children confidence. Kids thrive on feeling accomplished. Therefore, baking Christmas foods is an ideal way to boost self-worth and teach responsibility and off course get them to try new foods. Why not buy some matching aprons and get baking!

Aligning our eating habits and activities according to the rhythm of Nature is really just going back to basics. I often say that “Old School is Often The Best School”

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